Inclusive Learning

The children who are selected to attend KIMS have a range of different interests, needs and life’s experiences. We take time to understand their unique situations so we can provide tailored support by identifying gaps in their learning and development, as well as areas of particular strength in which they might excel. KIMS provides an inspirational example of personalized learning; outstanding teaching; fine-grained assessment and consistent high expectations; all of which lead to rapid and continuous progress.

A Special Support Centre established within the model school will allow for students with disabilities to be taught alongside their nondisabled peers. We actively celebrate diversity within our own community in the knowledge that it widens horizons, promotes understanding and develops empathy in all children. By learning together, expectations are increased and learning outcomes improved, for everyone.

Through regular communication with parents, we involve families closely in their children’s education. Having constant contact ensures a greater continuity of care at home and at school, which is crucial in a child’s development. Additionally, we can draw upon the expertise of specialist staff and therapists to provide the personalized support that enables all children to succeed.

KIMS, part of the Kyaninga Education Hub, was established as a centre of excellence for teachers from across the region to observe and experience the very best teachers and an inspirational learning environment, normally seen only in the best international schools across the world.

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