Our Values


KIMS is committed to realising the vision of outstanding education for every child, by all teachers in every school.

At KIMS we also hold dearly to our hearts the story of the little girl and the starfish;

A girl was walking along a beach, there were thousands of stranded starfish, when she came to each starfish she picked it up and placed it back into the sea. A man observed the girl and said “You can’t begin to make a difference “. The little girl replied as she placed a starfish in the sea “Well, I’ve made a difference to that one!”

That is our simple objective – to make a difference to each and every one of our children.


Our School Vision

Our vision is of a joyful place where children are empowered to explore their potential through educational excellence, within an environment of growth and well-being.

At KIMS we aim to:

  • raise aspirations, inspire, motivate and challenge all of our children in order that every child reaches their full potential.
  • create an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and consideration for one another.
  • nurture curiosity and encourage serendipitous discovery through enquiry-based learning.
  • foster an appreciation of the natural world and a conscious awareness of our environmental footprint.
  • provide a setting where all children, regardless of age, disability or background, can become more resourceful and resilient and able to approach life with a growth mindset.
  • develop responsible and empowered global citizens who will contribute to positive change and go on to lead happy, successful lives

Our School Mission

We want our students, regardless of their background or special need, to:

  • be treated with the dignity, respect and equality of opportunity accorded to them by the UN convention Rights of a Child
  • feel safe and secure in a supportive, nurturing and engaging environment
  • access the best possible targeted, differentiated and inclusive teaching
  • embrace diversity and to value one another equally.
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