Key Stage 2

The curriculum for Key Stage 2 is designed to enrich previous learning and prepare children for the academic challenges of  Secondary education and Primary Level Examinations within the Ugandan and international systems. Through fun and active engagement, they master more advanced skills in reading, writing and maths. KIMS topic based curriculum encourages independence and fosters skills of enquiry and self-directed study.

KIMS’ 4 C’s

Within the curriculum we aim to nurture positive habits of learning by focusing our children on developing our 4C’s

  • Courage: We are determined, ambitious learners. We are able to take risks and go the extra mile to challenge ourselves.
  • Curiosity: We are intrigued by the world we live in and eager to know and learn more.
  • Consideration: We know that a little consideration, deliberation and thought can make a big difference. Our actions and decisions are responsible and respectful.
  • Communication: We understand that developing successful communication skills is fundamental to well-being, providing the means to connect with the world around us leading ultimately to happiness and success.