Our Children

Joseph's Story

The joyous faces of KIMS children, often hide heart-breaking stories of hopelessness, shame and neglect.

Joseph has Downs Syndrome and was abandoned by his parents when he was born, as they were unable to cope with the shame and stigma associated with disability. When he was taken to school, the teachers said he was ‘unteachable’. Faced with rejection and a lack of parental love, Joseph was left to sit day after day, in the dirt outside his house, with little stimulation or engagement with the world around him.

When Joseph, arrived at KIMS in October 2020, he was a silent, sullen and introverted boy, devoid of emotion. The nurturing environment of the school’s Special Support Centre, has allowed Joseph to grow and he is a very different child today. He is learning to count, to read and write and make friends and is beginning to realise his potential as a learner and a person.

Joseph is just one of many children – with your support KIMS could educate more children like Joseph.

Miracle's Story

Miracle is 8 years old and has Spina Bifida. She has previously been considered ‘unsuitable’ for school but at Kyaninga Inclusive Model School Miracle is able to learn and grow alongside her peers.

When she arrived at KIMS Miracle was a quiet, pensive child who, from the position of her wheel chair, often looked shyly down at her feet. Gradually  she is developing into an open, engaging child and for the first time in her life is beginning to make friends. Having missed 3 years of school, Miracle is still a little behind with her learning but the environment at KIMS, alongside Miracle’s determination to succeed,  is ensuring that each day she moves one step closer meeting her age-related goals.