KIMS Nursery class provides  children aged 3 – 5 years old with the best foundations for academic learning.  The curriculum  “supports curiosity, wonder and fun” and covers a wide range of learning – physical, literacy and language, maths, science, cookery, art, music, personal, social and emotional development, all taught through play-based learning. The children are encouraged to develop their language using a combination of bilingual teaching. English is the main language of instruction, however, our teachers are able to support children through their use of local language. A combination of play-based activities and adult-led focused tailored activities feature throughout the day to ensure children are developing the skills, attitudes, behaviours and understanding needed for their future academic success.


KIMS’ 4 C’s

Within the curriculum we aim to nurture positive habits of learning by focusing our children on developing our 4C’s

  • Courage: We are determined, ambitious learners. We are able to take risks and go the extra mile to challenge ourselves.
  • Curiosity: We are intrigued by the world we live in and eager to know and learn more.
  • Consideration: We know that a little consideration, deliberation and thought can make a big difference. Our actions and decisions are responsible and respectful.
  • Communication: We understand that developing successful communication skills is fundamental to well-being, providing the means to connect with the world around us leading ultimately to happiness and success.